Klaus Marquardt

At Dräger Medical (Lübeck), I work as a technical manager and software architect. Besides managing, architecting, and some real work, I participate in company-wide efforts where my expertise in software development processes, modularity, and software and product line architecture helps.
In a previous life, I have been working for sd&m (München), and I studied Physics at the RWTH Aachen and at the CAU Kiel.

Away from my work, I lead a life that does not include creating a fancy home page. However, if you find something interesting here, don't hestitate to contact me, there is mostly more available than uploaded to this page.

Here is some work that I have published and sessions I have organized: Patterns and articles Workshops and sessions

Topics that are particularly interesting for me:

Sustainable Software Architecture

Medical Architecture - Diagnoses and Therapies

Dealing with complexity



Plug-Ins and Extensible Architectures

Versioning, Releases, Licensing

Performance Tuning

Since 1998, I have attended numerous conferences, helped to run some, organised many sessions and published several patterns and articles. You may want to check out recent years of JAOO, OOP, EuroPLoP, VikingPLoP, SPA (the conference formerly known as OT), OOSPLA, and ACCU conferences.
Events where you could possibly have found me:
When and where
EuroPLoP 2003
June 2003, Irsee

OT 2003
April 2003, Oxford

OOP 2003
January 2003, München

November 2002, Seattle
Workshop on Agile Development
Workshop on Software Architecture
VikingPLoP 2002
September 2002, Helsingør

EuroPLoP 2002
July 2002, Irsee
Several papers
Focus groups
OT 2002
April 2002, Oxford
Session on Medical Architecture
OOP 2002
January 2002, München
Trial against agile development processes
October 2002, Tampa
Position papers for workshops
EuroPLoP 2001
July 2001, Irsee
Patterns on Medical Architecture
Patterns on Experiential Learning
Design Fest on a Performance Pattern Language
October 2000, Minneapolis
Position papers for workshops
EuroPLoP 2000
July 2000, Irsee
Patterns on Protocol Definitions
EuroPLoP 1999
July 1999, Irsee
Patterns on Plug-Ins
EuroPLoP 1998
July 1998, Irsee
Patterns on Software Packaging, Installation and Activation

Further projects

Efforts I helped to improve

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