Call for participation

Workshop at OOPSLA, Montreal, October 2007

Software Versions, Releases, and Distribution

Klaus Marquardt
Dräger Medical 
Lise Hvatum

Main topics, Keywords

Software Engineering Practices; Beyond Development; Product Management


Software developers rightfully focus on the activities needed to polish the software for its first release. The management of future releases, version identification, compatibility checks, and update strategies are typically treated as an afterthought, but insufficiencies or inconsistencies here have all the potential to make your life miserable - once the software has hit the market.

This workshop explores the path of the developed software to the customer, and strives to improve it. Special attention is paid to combine knowledge from different project kinds to facilitate mutual learning experiences.


The workshop will focus on available practices and their descriptions, where spossible in pattern form. Their individual strengths and weaknesses will be identified and complemented with practices of successful implementation.
Since versioning, compatibility checking, and distribution need to work together closely, sequences though the different approaches will be explored and recommended.


Every interested practitioner, consultant, academic, or otherwise interested person is invited to apply for attendance. We primarily seek submissions from people who have already completed at least one project.
Applicants (and organizers) need to submit a position statement not later than August 31st. The position paper describes approaches to one or more of the topics mentioned in the contents description. The authors will be notified about acceptance by September 15th. The workshop will be limited to 20 persons.

About the Organizers

Klaus Marquardt ( is a technical manager and system architect with Dräger Medical in Lübeck, Germany. His experiences include life supporting systems, and large international projects. Klaus is particularly interested in the relations between technology, organization, people, and process. He has contributed numerous patterns and sessions at various conferences including OOP, JAOO, ACCU, SPA, and OOPSLA.

Lise Hvatum. Master in Computer Science from University of Oslo, 1988. Currently she is a senior software manager with Schlumberger, with extensive project management experience. She has worked in the oilfield services industry for 19 years, mainly on applications for seismic exploration and drilling. Her expertise is within large real-time systems, data acquisition, job planning and control applications, agile practices and distributed development. She is an active member of the patterns community, member of Hillside and Hillside Europe, Conference Chair for EuroPLoP 2006, Program Chair for EuroPLoP 2007, current Secretary for the Hillside Board. Since 2004, she has captured patterns for distributed development, and participated in several PLoP and EuroPLoP workshops.

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